If I may be so bold, I didn't believe it.


With all the other junk out there, I figured it was just the same ole stuff.
I read about all these people telling how well your White Lion was helping with their problems, so I figured whats twenty five dollars.
I ordered off your website , it arrived in just a few days and I started using it.
I felt it as it started working into my skin
As the weeks went by , I saw a big difference in my skin and the way I was feeling.
Now some twelve weeks later, look at me, White Lion has healed me where medicine could not.

To you Mr. Micals and White Lion, words can not express what I am feeling.
I hope these pictures will help others see, that your White Lion is a true blessing to me.

I thank you and will always be a faithful client of yours.
God Bless and keep you safe in all you do.

S. Bailey

This is a great product! I have M.S. and after using this every morning in a week, the pins and needles in my legs have gone away! Thank you!!!

- Lorna W.

After a long day, my back was in a MESS... just a little bit of the amazing White Lion.... I'm ready for a great restful night!

- Cindy S. 


"White Lion is the best thing I've found for hurting legs! 3 or 4 sprays, rub it in, and it eases your leg pain! A bottle lasts a long time, it's well worth what you pay. You can take it wherever you go, I won't leave home without it!"
- Jo Y.

"I started using this product for my arthritis, it’s amazing. I’m also using it on my feet and legs for nerve damage. I could never get any relief from the burning and shooting pains in my feet. It has almost immediately stopped the burning and the severe pain l deal with every day . It’s also helped to reduce swelling in my feet and hands. 
Thanks to you JD l can move my toes and can walk ok while I’m applying the White Lion. A truly marvelous product. 
Anyone who suffers pain should use this. Also helps with headaches, back and muscle pain. For once l am free of the constant pain l have had for the last 9 years. Thank you JD you are an angel ❤️

-Cheryl Robb 

"Hi JD. It is RJ again. My wife woke me up at 2 this morning she couldn't sleep due to throbbing pain on her left shoulder, she asked me if I would rub on some that that White Lion that I have always talking about, she couldn't believe it the pain went away in about a half hour, today she had an appointment for PT, an told her technician about it, now she is interested in getting some. This is miracle stuff JD you know it and I want other folks to know it too. This stuff really works. Thanks JD May God Bless."


-RJ Ronyak


"Thank you for the add! I want to leave a review and wondered if you prefer it in your web site or fb site...i was introduced to your white lion spray about a month ago by my mother for sciatica pain and it was amazing.... my husband was having back and sciatica issues after a couple days of hard labor and i introduced it to him he was completely pain free by the following day.... we immediately ordered more.... so thank you for this amazing product!!"

-Crystal Hood

"I've even used it on Tanner, my son, on his knees and feet and he even says thats some good stuff and he said Daddy I like that stuff it works and it don't stink. Lol He has hyper sensitive facilities which affects his feet and knees. He's playing fall baseball and has had some issues with the pain and I told his mom that I would give it a try that it was all natural. After his games after he showered I would rub his legs and feet down with it and he said Dad my legs and feet don't hurt bad anymore"
-David Brissey

"Okay JD, I told you if this spray worked I would be your biggest campaigner.. Further to our conversation last Sunday , I would like to put in writing my experience with White Lion Magnesium spray.

So here goes, about two years ago within the space of two months I had two falls on slippery exposed aggregate concrete, both falls on the same knee, the pain was very acute causing me to hobble about for quite some time. Over a period of time I was able to live with it, not wanting to go to a doctor as I was not sure what they might want to do with it, maybe some surgery.
I was speaking to JD and and he gave me the spiel I couldn't help wonder if I was just hearing : the old snake oil stuff: however I did faithfully rubbed the product into the affected knee every night for about two weeks, and blow me down if the pain didn’t disappear, just very occasionally do I feel the need to reapply the product and wallah! fixed again, pain gone.
So I know when you release this Magnesium Spray,,you my friend will be as busy as a one arm paper hanger..

Thank you for providing a really great product that lives up to its claims, of course I should have known since the results and success you have had off the other items in your company..."

-John Rabbas