Our Story

 Hey Folks, I'm JD Micals!

After having open heart surgery, I was left with a terrible scar on my chest and right leg where one of my veins were removed. I wasn’t the same person anymore. My body ached, my energy was gone, and not to mention the uncomfortable numbness that remained due to the scar….
I spent Years of My Life having steroid shot after steroid shot, spending $400.00 dollar a month on a doctor prescribed “healing” cream (that didn’t work might I add), and putting in all of this effort to recover… but nothing seemed to help.


I’m sure you know how it feels when nothing goes your way.

I just KNEW there had to be Something out in this vast world that could help.

Well, several months ago I was blessed with the opportunity to go to the Netherlands and visit this type of wellness spa…you know the “mystic” healing type

(Now I never ever took this stuff serious, you know, the oils, steam, smells, etc.)

But You Know What…

 After a Couple of Trips to the Spa I was Noticing a Change

And Guess What… the Numbness of My Scar was GONE!!


Well, it starts with the Natural Salt in the Pool and Scrubs the Spa used.

They were making my body feel alive again!!

What do I mean? Well, my skin became so clean and so smooth that I could actually feel the tingling as my blood was circulating through my body.

The black heads that I had battled for so many years, under my eyes where my glasses rest.. Those little ones that are a PAIN to get out….


The feeling was starting to come back in my leg and chest, and the scars were starting to disappear, after soaking in this spas pool one time….



  I Was Amazed, I Was A Believer, I HAD TO KNOW MORE!!!


What was this product the people of the Netherlands knew about that I have never heard of?

I Spoke with MULTIPLE People that were using this spa to see what this Natural Healing Product was doing for them.

These are the answers I got:
  • “Soaking in the spa helps my back pain”
  • “Relaxing here eases my symptoms of fibromyalgia”
  • “It seems to help my MS”
  • “My arthritis doesn’t act up when I come here”
The people here just genuinely look healthier too!
So What Is It?

The Spas in the Netherlands use a specific Magnesium, straight from the Zechstein Seabed of Northwest Europe. This ingredient is the key to that healthier look and the healing of the ailments I mentioned above.

I Partnered with Zechstein Minerals BV and founded White Lion to help Get this product in your hands!

Magnesium been around since the beginning of time, and yet, somehow EVERYONE just Forgot about it!

Now You Know Why I Started White Lion, I have USED It, I KNOW it Works!!

Once You Try It, You Will Be Amazed as Will ALL Your Friends
I Look Forward to Hearing from All of You and Your Success Stories.
-JD Micals
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