What You Should Know About Magnesium

Magnesium Desert

If you are one of those people who reads nutrition labels, or if you’re just interested in the various minerals that are good to take into your body in a variety of ways, then you have likely heard of magnesium. Maybe you have some vague notion of this mineral being good for your health in one way or another, but you don’t know exactly how.

Given that White Lion’s flagship product is our magnesium spray for wellness, it is in our interest to know about magnesium and how it affects the human body. If the idea of taking a magnesium oil spray is intriguing to you, but you are unsure of how it works and whether consuming magnesium in this way is even healthy, we would like to present you with this overview guide on magnesium and its effects on human health.

Here are five things to know about magnesium before taking supplements of it in any form.

1. Magnesium Is Essential for Life

Let’s start this discussion of magnesium at the most basic level. Each cell in the human body contains magnesium, and that’s because the mineral is absolutely essential for human life. Magnesium helps hundreds of the body’s enzymes to function as they should. Enzymes are proteins that produce biochemical reactions. Magnesium, then, is a vital component in such bodily processes as energy creation, gene creation and repair, muscle contraction and relaxation, protein production, and nervous system control.

Magnesium’s placement in the human body breaks down into about 60% being found in your bones, while the other 40% is distributed in tissues, muscles, and fluids.

2. Magnesium Powers the Heart

We just learned that magnesium is essential for life, but the processes mentioned above are of course located at the microscopic level. Moving to a more complex level of human health: magnesium is required for the heart to function normally. Without magnesium, calcium would build up in the blood vessels and the heart itself, conditions that could lead to a heart attack. Getting enough magnesium in your diet can reduce these calcium deposits and keep the heart healthy.

But magnesium doesn’t stop there. The mineral is also needed for the heart to keep pumping at all. The organic compound that lets the heart pump is called adenosine triphosphate, or ATP. It binds to a magnesium ion to be used in the body, making magnesium a required component of human life.

If all this still isn’t enough to interest you in using a White Lion magnesium spray, keep reading!

3. Magnesium Wards off Diabetes

As we saw with calcium buildups in the blood vessels, the absence of sufficient magnesium can wreak havoc in the body. Such is the case with diabetes. Diabetes is a condition in which the body cannot absorb sugar out of the bloodstream as it should. Too much sugar in the blood can lead to hyperglycemia, a condition that can damage blood vessels and cause heart disease, strokes, and various other life-threatening problems.

Getting enough magnesium, however, helps to reduce the body’s resistance to insulin, a hormone that regulates blood sugar levels. Essentially, getting more magnesium can equal a reduced likelihood of transitioning from pre-diabetes to type 2 diabetes.

4. Magnesium Promotes Bone Health

We mentioned above that about 60% of your body’s magnesium is found in your bones. That must imply that bones make some good use of their magnesium. You probably heard growing up that you should drink your milk so you can get calcium and have strong, healthy bones. But did you know that magnesium is also essential in maintaining good bone health? It’s true; sufficient magnesium keeps bones from wearing down as you age, while too little magnesium can lead to bones becoming brittle.

The lesson here is clear: getting enough magnesium helps your bones to become denser, making them stronger and less likely to break in the event of a fall or other accident.

5. Magnesium Is Found in Foods and Other Sources

An adult man should get approximately 400 to 420 mg of magnesium a day, while an adult woman should get about 300 to 360 mg of magnesium a day to stay healthy. The truth, however, is that few people actually take in this amount of magnesium every day. You can see from the points above that magnesium deficiencies can lead to a host of health problems. So, how can you take in more magnesium to become a better, healthier version of you?

One way is by using a magnesium spray such as that offered by White Lion. Just spray the liquid product directly on your skin and rub it in. Once in your body, the magnesium will begin working toward all the goals mentioned above. Plus, it can ease pain if you apply the product directly to the affected areas!

Other than that, you can consume magnesium in a great variety of healthy food sources. Foods that contain magnesium include almonds, cashews, peanut butter, whole wheat bread, salmon, avocado, black beans, dark chocolate, and many other foods.

Improve Your Health with White Lion Magnesium Spray

White Lion’s magnesium wellness spray is made from pure magnesium chloride that is extracted from Northwest Europe’s ancient Zechstein Sea. As such, White Lion products are guaranteed to be free of impurities such as mercury and lead.

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